HARMONY series

Harmony series wines represent modern technology full of freshness, fruity expression and light drinkability. Wines are produced only in inert containers without air access. Sometimes with a smaller amount of residual sugar but in harmony with the acid. Finalization is solved after lying on fine sludge by means of gentle clarification and filtration. The wines are used for regular dining or refreshment without the need for higher demands of the consumer.

André 2016

André Rosé 2017

Rivaner 2018

Riesling 2018

Muscat 2019

Pinot Blanc 2019

Rosé 2019


TERROIR series

TERROIR series wines are the main production part of the winery and embody our philosophy and humility. The wines are mostly produced in oak and acacia barrels up to 600 liters in size. Carefully selected, hand-picked grapes of the highest quality are macerated for 24 hours or more. After pressing at low pressure and medium coarse sludge removal, the musts ferment using their own cultures of microorganisms. In the case of wines fermented in barrels, malolactic fermentation takes place and the wines lie for 12 to 24 months without sulfur dioxide on all sludges, where they are carefully monitored or battonage is used. The maximum reflection of the terroir is the main goal of the expression of this series after a fine finalization and homeopathic dose of sulfur dioxide. The TERROIR range offers full, layered and persistent wines, which belong to food or rare moments.

Riesling 2017, Acacia barrel

Pinot blanc 2017, Oak barrel

Riesling Orange 2017

Riesling 2018

Pinot blanc 2018

Riesling 2017, Acacia barrel

Pinot blanc 2017, Oak barrel

Riesling 2019